Elżbieta Jabłońska

Born in 1970. She lives in Kozielec. In 1990-1995, she studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicholas Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń. Since 1996, she has worked in the Drawing Division in the UMK. She presented her works during many individual and group exhibitions. Her artistic activity involves long-term projects conducted in cooperation with cultural institutions and audiences (www.nieuzytkisztuki.pl), and projects activating various communities (Handrail, Kiev, Ukraine, 2015). She has also acted as a curator (I Repeat Them To Reach Them, Museum of Art, Łódź, 2009).

Her artistic pursuits are often referred to as feminist or post-feminist art, although the artist wishes to avoid such unequivocal classifications. She works with installations, photographs, performance, and conducts activities involving the dimension of space and time. By choosing and transforming different pop culture stereotypes and feminine-related clichés, she plays with social roles ascribed to women and simultaneously with mechanisms of art. She also reflects on the social engagement of artists (Helping series) and explores semantic relationships, she evokes anxiety in the audience by inadequacy of form and by content of a linguistic record (neon signs).