Joanna Rajkowska

Born in 1968. She is an artist based in London and Nowogród, Poland.
A versatile artist, Rajkowska is best known for her work in public space, where she uses real-life situations, energies and materials to construct sites, installations and ephemeral actions. She utilises elements as diverse as plants, found objects, buildings, water, smoke and mirrors. Outcomes range from architectural projects, geological fantasies and excavation sites to underwater sculptures. Both alongside and separately, she produces films, photographs and models.
Her work engages critically with the legacy, politics and aesthetics of Land art and employs unfamiliarity as a political tool. De-familiarizing, de-humanizing and relating are her operating devices. She is interested in the limitations of and the limiting of human activities, multiplicity of agencies and human and non-human relations.
Most of her works happen, live and age in public space. Thus, her practice embraces all the entities involved as well as their relations, including organic and inorganic beings. The artist understands her projects like organisms, as she focuses on matter in its molecular or cellular dimension, its life cycle, growth and ageing. With a strong conviction that we, as humans, have failed to produce a viable, sustainable culture, she often confronts historical and sociopolitical contexts with the lives of species other than human. Tinted with disappointment, her work visualizes and questions the western notion of the nature-culture divide. A quiet submission to the forces of nature and (vital) decay became part of her practice.