Zuzanna Janin

Zuzanna Janin deals with the subject of space, time and memory, as well as with the problem of exclusion and absence. She creates sculptures, video installations and photographic and performative actions. In her work, she adopts a conceptual approach to the visualization of processes, changes, comparisons, continuity, what’s “in between.” The artist transforms fragments of her private memory, emphasizing deep experience of her own and universalizes them, clashing them with collective memory and images of universal history, and contemporary social and political problems.
She is the author processual sculptures of wire and cotton candy Follow Me Change Me, It’s Time, 1995-1997 and the famous video installation FIGHT, 2001, which fights in the ring with a professional boxer. She is the author of the project My Heroine for Today, which leads to your profile on Facebook (Majka Skowron), and various sculptures including last work SHAME (Tar and Feathers), 2016.
Has worked with lokal_30 gallery in Warsaw since 2005.