Aleksandra Ska – Obsession

Obsession is a manifesto against cramming city squares with art; against erecting and preserving forms that are hardly linked to the actual life of the city. It is a metal entrance mat we have seen in front of many building doors, densely packed with cigarette butts made of china. The work was sparked or inspired by social media observations, fragments of stories and situations the artist has read about or heard in the streets. Cigarette ends are carelessly abandoned remnants of conversations and meetings, bygone emotions and news communicated while going ‘for a smoke’. Repeated although unexpected street events are reduced to synthetic remains of social life which are an inseparable component of urban space. Obsession is fitted into the pavement in a bustling part of the city, it is virtually imperceptible for rushing passersby, for as claimed by Aleksandra Ska “it is art which steps into public space but it doesn’t change it”. Therefore, it has a minor influence, it redirects attention to life and relationships rather than towards forms and works of art.