Hanna Nowicka – Balance Beam

For many years now, Hanna Nowicka has worked with a specific type of cured rubber. Its hues and texture bring associations with human skin. The material provokes tactile contact, it tempts the watchers to check its texture, it is received with many senses due to its specific smell and colour. In her earlier sculptures, e.g. in the work entitled “Scapegoat”, the artist also has made references to gymnastic equipment. This time she chose a resized professional balance beam. It is higher than typical objects of this type and, as it may be noticed, it is slightly bent in the middle, as if broken. Angle produced between both parts is perceptible, however not obvious, rather suggesting than indicating that the object does not comply with the specific standard. The work is a kind of minimalist form made of wood clothed in a skin-like rubber, becoming the device and the body using it. Condition of the body and human condition are integrated in a single, non-functional object.