Jakub Ciężki – Thishomeismorethan (bricks and mortar)

The installation is an openwork steel structure resembling a wall of a building. It is a visual interference into the landscape. The structure is an architectural drawing in space, rather than a sculptural form. It fulfils no defined function, and it stimulates mainly the sensory and mental, as well as metaphoric senses. The scale of the object plays an important role: its height is identical with the height of one storey in a residential building. The work addresses the question of the relation between a part and the whole, between a fragment and entirety. Confabulation known in psychiatry, based on experience and context, fills in the framework, embraces the wholeness, adds missing elements, gives meanings. In this sense, the installation – although placed in public space – is not site-specific but it addresses the question of the relationship with the place, since when transferred elsewhere, it will frame different meanings; we can assign different meanings ourselves as well. The work also asks a question about form, its content, how perception and imagination of the recipient are inalienable components completing the meaning.