Magdalena Starska – Within arm’s reach

The work is an interactive sculpture. A transparent panel mounted on four legs may be moved up and down using hand-cranks incorporated in the legs. Between two surfaces of the panel, there is a layer of transparent colourful liquid. Air bubbles produced in the liquid “travel” above the heads of the viewers with every, even the tiniest movement of the panel. In order to change the position of the panel, collaboration of at least two people using the cranks is naturally required. The work is best received when we turn our eyes to the sky. Then the image of moving bubbles overlaps with the image of the sky.

Every human being affects its environment. Individual existence would not be possible however, without our absolute fusion and uninterrupted relationships with people and other life forms that surround us. Therefore, the feeling of powerlessness but also the sense of power are characterised by equally powerful effect. The installation is intended to introduce the feeling of lightness and the sense of belonging to the world undergoing various influences. In this manner, people become a team, one organism, a cooperative.