Patrycja Orzechowska – Sun In the Twelfth House

The work refers to the concept of astrology, Sun in the Twelfth House, whose presence engenders leadership, the need to prevail at the same time suppressing one’s needs and desires, leading to sublimation in the field of creation. Artists determining visual equivalents of the language describing the world, gain “visual leadership” or the power to represent it.

A glasshouse, a form that used to be left under the care of a gardener, gets filled in with objects found in the city and arranged in a brand new manner. The artist collects remnants, fragments and residues and gives them a new function; she uses them as materials filling in recesses and corners of the object the shape of which brings associations with a house. She uses them to build tissues, sets and clusters.

The glasshouse is a sun trap that allows to illuminate and warm up plants, facilitating photosynthesis. Light allows us to peer into nooks and crannies of the installation, which at night emits strong light from the inside. The artist intentionally avoids creating her works from scratch, by transforming materials and forms she encounters. It is the formal and material characteristics of her discoveries that determine the potential artistic forms.